We have a sharp eye for detail, video production and photo retouching. And we work with you to ensure our creative direction is aligned with your brand’s vision and goals.


Our photo editing team helps you with flawless beautiful images so you can have more time and less stress while expanding to more commerce channels.


Our video editing talents make videos more appealing and trendy to attract, engage and enchant the audience, to create more benefits for our clients.


Our marketing design service team tailors every project to reflect your brand, guaranteeing that every page communicates effectively with your target audience. 



Stop the tiring workloads of photo and video editing tasks, and spend your time on the only thing you should do yourself: Creating authentic content to connect to your target audience, bringing more value to your business.

Free Trial

It is a complimentary offer to check our work quality, for at least 2-3 images and 24hrs standard return.

Vast production capacity

We are capable of delivering 2000+ images in a day. Moreover, we provide a dedicated team/resource for our regular partners.

High data security

We ensure 100% security of your property (files) that you share with us. We value your privacy and trust on us.

Quick turn-around

We are quick and responsive team, committed to deliver quality and fast turn-around. Your needs are our priority.

Competitive Pricing

We offer low-cost services. Our pricing rate starts from $0.50 for cropping and simple tasks.

We offer our customers special rate for bulk volumes and frequent/ regular orders. We provide tier pricing.

Time zone advantage

Our flexible timing extends your production to 8-10 hours extra.

Our service model


What so special about our Service model?

Our Post Production Service Model is designed to deliver exclusive and unparalleled services to our clients, ensuring their utmost satisfaction and success.

Our dedicated team collaborates closely with clients, understanding their unique requirements, and providing tailored solutions that align with their artistic vision and project goals.

How our Service Model work?

Embracing a client-centric approach, we value communication, efficiency, and delivering results within specified timelines. With a proven track record of excellence and a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we strive to be your reliable partner in the journey of creating visually stunning and impactful content.

Why our clients love working with us?


My team has been very pleased to work with Innovature BPO. We choose you over anyone else for your quickness, cost effectiveness, and willingness to understand exactly what we need, no matter how many revisions it takes. We are so happy to work with you and look forward to continuing our collaboration together! Thank you so much! 



Graphic Designer

We are extremely happy with the services Innovature BPO offer. They’re response times are instant, and there have been numerous occasions where we’ve received our required artwork within 24 hours. A really, quick, simple, and efficient service all around.


Jack D.

Marketing Manager 

It has been a wonderful experience working with Innovature. Briefing is a simple process of collating colours we would like corrected and other imagery fixes. Communication is always clear, and revisions are happily provided. We believe in investing in quality relationships which in turn provides a quality business performance over all. We would recommend Innovature as an industry leader for it’s services.


Lucy T.

Digital Graphic Designer 

The retouching team at Innovature BPO consistently provides quality retouching work at a fast pace. Not only is communicating with them through Joanna (or other managers) easy and quick through email, but we also love that the time difference helps make our own process more efficient!


Nicole Wu

Modern Citizen

We are delighted by the retouching work of Innovature BPO. They are extremely efficient, easy to work with, and always deliver our e-commerce images in a quick turnaround. We’d highly recommend their retouching services.


Danni Truter

Marketing Manager, Tony Bianco

The team at Innovature BPO has made an amazing contribution to our business. By providing quick turnaround times and delivering our images of the highest quality, we have seen a huge increase in efficiency when it comes to launching campaigns and new collections.


Kendell Bardenhagen

Marketing Manager, Bask Eyewear

Liaising with Innovature BPO about our photo post-production needs has been a seamless and pleasing experience compared to other services we’ve had previously. 

They have taken on board our requests with ease and provided a very quick turnaround on jobs.

Innovature BPO has become a valuable asset to us and our efficiency has improved since working with them – we can always rest assured that they will deliver to the very best quality each time.


Lisa Vuong
Digital Content Producer, Spendless Shoes

I oversee all of the content and imagery across all of our channels. I started working with the Innovature BPO Team this year and they have been so helpful in the retouching of our imagery.

Not only are they fast and efficient, but their communication is flawless.

Due to our time difference, they are even able to turn around projects overnight. They are also very flexible with our budgets and always make sure we are given what we ask. They stick to deadlines and turn around beautiful imagery.

I am excited to continue to work with them on our upcoming campaigns.


Senior Content Manager, Cult Gaia

The photo post-processing experience with Innovature BPO has surpassed my expectations.

Our efficiency has greatly improved thanks to their ultra-fast turnaround time of high-quality edits specially catered to our needs and brand standards.

Working around the clock, the Innovature BPO Team is tremendously skilled, flexible, and willing to adapt to new requests and requirements, even in the middle of a project.

It’s been a pleasure working with the team at Innovature BPO! I look forward to future endeavors and highly recommend their services!


Katherine Santana

Creative Marketing Manager, Southern Marsh Collection



PPS stands for Post Production which is Photo Editing and Video Editing Services. The process is usually after photo or video shooting.

We can extend your production to 8-10 hours extra.

Yes we can do background removal and color changing too. How about sending us some photos for evaluating the service?

Yes, we are. How about we do the trial run for you?

Yes our production team can do that.

We provide unlimited revision as long as it is in accordance with original guideline and feedback should be received within 7 days after delivery.

When it comes to bulk packages, we could negotiate a special tier pricing exclusively for you.

Yes sure, we normally rate from easy starts from 0.90$/image upto 10$ for complex retouching requirement.

We dont work during weekend but if client requires us to work on the weekend for a project, then an increase in the pricing will be applied.

We will create a folder for you and send you an access to our server. Our IT guy will handle it. Or we are welcome to use your FTP.

In order to give you precise pricing, we would like to offer a complimentary run to assess complexity of each requirement.


Yes. Besides employment contracts, our staffs are required to sign the NDA that acknowledge their responsibility on data security and information confidentiality. We also cover this within our contract with the client. We are ISO 27001:2013 certified.

Our staffs are equipped with computer and headset as a standard. If any licensed software is required (e.g. ERP), the cost will be borne by the client. Additional costs will only be incurred upon written request and approval of the client.

Yes. In the event of a disaster or electricity failure, our immediate solution is to move our staffs to work from home setup which are periodically rehearsed.

The procedure normally takes 30 calendar days as a standard timeline to onboard a new staff.

As to meet the requirement of global clients, our commitment is to attract and develop the best talents.

  • Talent diversity: With our database of more than 5,000 talents of local market, we also have a network to more than 2,000 Filipino talents. It is to service different voice and non voice BPO requirements. Not only fluent in English, our talents can meet the requirements of bi-lingual language skillset with Chinese speaking, Korean and Japanese speaking.
  • The customized skill tests: An Excel test for Accounting role, the SQL & Tableau test for Business Intelligence role, Translation test and Writing test for bilingual speakers (Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese language), and Personality Test applied to all types of position
  • Reference Check: A background check includes checking police clearance and the reference of previous employer to verify the performance of the talents before selecting them onboard

INNOVATURE CARE – We offer our employees:

  • Annual health check-up
  • 24/7 Health Insurance

An open culture: We recognize that from time-to-time employees have questions or problems regarding their work, wages and benefits, company policies and personal issues. To encourage employees to express these concerns and seek resolution of problems, questions, and suggestions, an “Open Door” procedure is established for all employees. All management personnel are responsible for insuring compliance with this procedure.

Reward by Performance: Employees’ contributions are recognized transparently and in time that enables collaboration of self-recognition and encourage an open culture.

Simultaneously, we regularly review and maintain performance standards to ensure no employee is left behind.

Innovature Leadership Programs: There are two approaches of Innovature Leadership Programs.

One is Mid-career Development aiming for existing high potential employees. They are highly encouraged to step up to middle management level, establish new team, shifting from managing a small team to managing the department.

Another one is Early-career Development, which is pertinent for fresh graduates who are initially joined in as trainee roles and pass the early career leadership training course designed by our Training Department.

Afterward, they will have the opportunity to practice leadership skills by starting to lead a pilot team of trainees. The goal of the two programs is to develop the capability for each individual in performing leadership roles within the company and to nurture the next generation of leaders.



Be sure your finished products reach your target audiences at quality, speed, and scale.