Innovature Infographic: 8 key benefits of Professional Photo Editing for your business

8 key benefits of Professional Photo Editing for your business

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We are now in the age of visual information where visual content plays a role in every part of life as it sticks in long-term memory, transmits messages faster, and triggers emotions more than other forms of presentation.

Properly edited photographs and images represent the brand and convey a businesses’ message in the best possible manner. This makes photo editing an essential part of any marketing, communication or branding activity, including product pages, website, social media, marketing ads, hoardings, magazines, and pretty much everywhere to catch and be in the eyes of the customers.

This also explains why Photo Editing as well as Post production service is one of the most outsourced processes in the industry. Let’s take a look at 8 key benefits of Professional Photo Editing for your business.

Innovature Infographic: 8 key benefits of Professional Photo Editing for your business
8 key benefits of Professional Photo Editing for your business

1. Enhancing Brand Appeal and Image

Images are extremely important in order to build your brand. The better your pictures are, the better the image it builds in the minds of your target audience, which is why businesses should focus on a particular style of editing, like focusing on saturation of particular colors, cropping pattern, nature of images, subjects used, focusing patterns, etc., to create a brand-aware edited image. This also leads to better customer recollection for your business offerings, while ensuring they feel more confident while buying your product or service.

2. Better Sales

Is it possible for an eCommerce business to attract customers to buy their products if the photos look dull, distorted, blurry, and mediocre?

Compared to an average image of your product offering, an enhanced image instantly creates a better impression in the eyes of the viewer, hence allowing you the opportunity of a better revenue stream as more prospective customers convert into real sales. Good photo editors can instantly change the complexion and quality of an image to make it look alluring for the general public.

3. Improved Credibility and Reputation

One of the key benefits of photo editing, especially for businesses which are just starting off, is the way it can help a company achieve credibility in a tough-as-nails market. Close to 46% people find it easier to trust a business which shows genuine images on their website, as compared to stock images. By editing your photos in a professional manner, a small office space can be made to look spacious and inviting, without misleading your viewers.

4. Photo-intensive Tasks Become Easier

In cases where your business relies heavily on photographs and images of products, such as e-commerce websites, you need to ensure a steady stream of high-quality images on a daily basis. 67% of the consumers believe that the overall quality of a product image is “extremely important” in order for them to select and purchase a product. Photo editing makes it easier to define the exact editing parameters, and later apply the same settings to other images, thereby reducing your effort. Similarly, if you have a bunch of similar images, you can quickly process all of them by grouping them together and applying pre-defined editing settings.

5. Robust Social Media Strategy

Today, social media is the foremost marketing channel for most businesses out there. 

  • The blogs with relevant photos get a massive 94% more views against those who don’t. 
  • Shoppers are 60% more likely to prefer or contact a business that has a photo show up in local search results.

From Facebook to Instagram, and many others in between, social media has managed to bring customers and brands closer than ever before. By professionally editing your images before upload, adding visual cues, beautiful word-art, etc., you can give your business a head-start over your competition.

6. Reuse Images for Better Efficiency

Reusing images for multiple purposes is one of the advantages of photo editing. With the help of professional photo editing tools, you can use the same image for various purposes by changing its background or by clubbing it with other images. This in turn helps you efficiently streamline your processes, and focus on other aspects of your marketing plan.

7. Easy Multi-platform Customization

The way an image looks in your print ads may differ from your digital ads; it could be different for social media, for mobile platforms, for monochrome prints, etc. Only with the help of professional photo editing can you customize your images to have the same impact on multiple platforms.

8. Other Advantages

From compressing large-size images into smaller ones for faster web page loading, to resizing and cropping them, there are many other advantages of photo editing for businesses. Even if you work only with print media, you stand to gain by editing your photos as per the requirements of the medium and the consumers reading it, thereby leading to highly effective targeted advertising.

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