What is a video post production service?

What is a video post production service?

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Even if you have modest knowledge about the video production process, you perhaps hear video post production services somewhere. However, how many sub-services are included? Is it necessary to outsource professionals? Within this article, you will have an idea of what video post production service is, and whether you should outsource a team to finish this stage.

Get to know some video post production services

The third stage of video or film development is commonly called post production. To make a complete video, we usually have 3 stages. The first stage is pre production, where the video is brainstormed. The second stage is production. At this stage, the video is filmed. The final stage is post production, where everything happens after the shooting is completed.

Post production is very time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Some companies have an in-house video post production team, and others choose to outsource video post production services to save money.

While investing in modern equipment to serve post production is costly, outsourcing an experienced team is much more affordable. Normally, post production includes sub-services such as editing, special effects, and/or animation. In addition, video post production service has other details depending on the clients’ needs.

Let’s discuss the detailed list of services that could be included in the video post production service.


Editing may be the most familiar element that pops into everyone’s head when it comes to post production. Editing is selecting the most relevant clips from a shoot, then putting them in a specific order to tell the whole story.

Editing includes both visual and sound manipulation, plus it has any lower thirds (e.g., speaker’s title, episode title), credits, foley sound, sound effects, soundtrack.

Color correction

Color correction isn’t usually considered a significant factor in post production, but it can bring a massive difference to your video. When you film a video, you may be shooting with multiple cameras in multiple locations.

Are you wasting time editing videos? Let your team hands free by using a video post production service
Are you wasting time editing videos? Let your team hands free by using a video post production service

It’s the production’s job to ensure lighting and camera are consistent during filming, but there will be cases where you won’t be able to adjust lighting or color in the shoot.

That’s why color correction is an important step in maintaining continuity, stable film color, and a consistent tone in your video.

Visual effects

Visual effects are visuals done in post production, such as green screen composing, or muzzle flashes. Visual effects can refer to images that can’t be filmed during production for any reason.

CGI, or better explained, computer generated images is a visual effect that characters, models, or designs are made by a computer. This is the most common form of visual effects in commercial filmmaking, requiring talent and time.

However, you should remember that visual effects are different from special effects, especially those implemented in production, such as prosthetic makeup or on-set explosions on set.


Animation is also a popular video post production service. Animation is creating the illusion of motion, by rapidly using a series of images that differ from each other only minimally.

Nowadays, animation is done mainly via computers, and there is a clear distinction between animation and CGI. Accordingly, CGI refers to life-like images, while animation doesn’t masquerade as real-life.


It sounds confusing, but video distribution is simply a service of editing and resizing videos to fit the platform where clients intend to upload the video.

Each social media platform has its own video requirements, such as aspect ratio and maximum length. This can affect the number of video versions that need to be exported after editing. Therefore, the production will need additional time to tailor the video to suit each platform’s requirements.

In a nutshell, video post production services can include different sub-services. Setting up an in-house to handle all the services is quite costly, while hiring a video post production service is an economic and optimal choice.

At Innovature BPO, we have an experienced, multi-service video editing team who can meet all clients’ requirements. If you’re on the lookout for a reliable video post production service, then we may be the right choice you should consider.