Why Photo Editing is Emerging as An integral part of Business strategy?

Why Photo Editing is Emerging as An integral part of Business strategy

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Visuality has always been one of the most captivating factors to people, both in terms of attracting the eyes and capturing the heart. In the travel, retail, fashion, or food industry, beautiful images that are professionally edited create a lasting impact rather than the raw, unedited version.

That is why a number of businesses are opting for outsourced image editing services to stay competitive and attract new customers. In fact, with the rapid growth in the usage of social media platforms that are centered around image sharing and visuality, like Instagram and Pinterest, the use of photos becomes even more essential in branding, communication, and marketing strategy.

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According to the Photo Editing Software Market – Forecast (2020-2025):

North America will dominate the photo editing software market with a share of more than 30% followed by APAC and Europe. The major factors that are leading to the growth of photo editing software market in North America region is the rise of social media advertising, presence of major fashion houses, and growth of online advertising, e-commerce, and SMEs. Additionally, the small businesses in the U.S are heavily investing on social media agencies which will also fuel the photo editing software market in the future.

In Asia Pacific, the advancement due to the increasing web designing projects and the growth of wedding photography businesses are widely enhancing the photo editing software market in this region. Moreover, the increasing trend of pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoots in countries like China and India is significantly leading to the rise of photo editing software market.

So what does this mean? It means the photo editing needs are vastly increasing, so are the needs for outsourced photo editing services. And who are the biggest players in this industry? Yes, BPO (business process outsourcing) giants, such as India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Why Vietnam?

Vietnam is among the Top 5 outsourcing locations in the world, backed by a young population and skillful workforce that can meet diverse market demands for different types of services.

In order to build a robust brand image, it is important that professionally edited images and photographs are used, conveying your message in the best possible way. At Innovature, our team comprises of graphics artists, photo retouchers and designers, who are skilled, competent and understand the nuances of compelling storytelling. Upheld by the superb recommendation and testimonies of our partners, we have a designated team for Quality Checker to control and assure our outputs that are above expectations, delivered in a fast-phased manner – a 24-hour turnaround ideally.