Video Editing Services: The complete guide to get the best out of your outsourcing


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Are you looking to get the best out of your Outsourcing Video Editing Services for e-commerce? Whether you’re a business or an individual, working with the right company can make all the difference.

This complete guide will outline what to look for in a quality provider and how to get the most from your relationship. So whether you’re just starting or have been outsourcing Post-Production Services for years, read more tips that will help you take your project to the next level.

What is Outsourcing Video Editing Services for Ecommerce?

Video editing is an art form, and as such, it requires great attention to detail along with plenty of patience. If you don’t enjoy scrubbing through hours’ worth of footage, this part may become time-consuming for your business’s budget!

Suppose there isn’t quality work put into making these videos. In that case, they’ll never come alive on-screen either, which means more money spent printing recap narratives instead of being able to provide exciting content via social media channels, etc.

Video Editing Services: The complete guide to get the best out of your outsourcing

Who should Outsource Video Editing?

Don’t have human resources

Video editing is a time-consuming and laborious task. It takes up most of your day to get one done, let alone the few times per month you think about posting them online for people to see! But with video services like those offered by professional companies who specialize in all aspects, from visual effects addons down to lower resolution elements such as sound or motion sickness remedies – it’s now possible to make sure every detail shines through without any interruption whatsoever.

Don’t have the technical resources

Video editing is not something that you can quickly cut your raw video yourself. Even the most essential software has gotten pretty expensive. Running high-end hardware will be necessary for Full HD or 4K footage, which may make this process unnecessary if it’s only going to happen once in a while on occasion instead of being a regular feature throughout all aspects of production like many people do today who work digitally-enabled jobs primarily.

Qualities needed for Video Editing Service Provider?

English Proficiency

If you’re going to outsource your editing, then make sure that the person doing it has a grasp of English. You can test their knowledge by asking them to write about themselves and their experiences in an application summary or even video recordings where they share insights from work projects.

Technology Capacity

Editors need more than just talent and skill. They also should have the proper hardware, which means knowing if they can work with whatever computer systems are available or not? Ask about its operating system type (Windows vs. Apple), video card capacity/speed, hard drive size, and internet speed! Ensure you understand any editing software being used, too; the industry standard is Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Skill and Experience

Video Editing Services: The complete guide to get the best out of your outsourcing

The best way to find an editor is through your network. However, this can be time-consuming and may not always produce the desired outcome you’re looking for in terms of experience or skill set needed by employers within different industries/organizations across various levels (beginner vs. pro). To split potential hires based on their status and what type they would need more guidance with – beginner vs. experienced professional respectively.

Entry: An entry-level video editor may lack the deep technical knowledge to do their job well, but they likely have an ambitious work ethic and desire for improvement. At a minimum, this person knows what content should or shouldn’t be included in a given media piece.

Immediate: The person at this stage has studied and experimented with different editing techniques. But they are likely missing some real-world experience, so it’s time to put those new abilities into action by working on actual projects.

Advanced: An editor at this level has a library of past work and can apply relevant techniques such as motion graphics or sound design. Editors who specialize in one or more areas are likely found here.

Senior: Senior editors are an invaluable resource for any video project. They can offer advice on improving your content and making it much better than you ever thought possible.

Previous Work and Test Project

When hiring an editor, watch their reel and ask for previous work. You can learn a lot about what they are capable of by looking at the videos that were done before, especially if it’s something challenging like editing video from different angles while keeping pace with fast-moving subjects or adding music behind dialogue scenes.

It would help if you made the test hard enough to challenge their talent but simple enough for your candidates to finish within a short deadline. After they submit and review their projects with these factors in mind:

  • How close does this final cut come to what you’re looking for?
  • Did branding fit into the video smoothly without any awkward fits or interruptions from other elements such as music/graphics etc.?
  • What footage did applicants choose not to include when cutting down on the length of time spent creating videos?

Freelancer, In-house and Professional Video Editing Service: Which option is the best?

Freelance editor

When you need a video editor, it’s not just the freelancers who come to mind. Today, platforms like Upwork and Fiverr put world-class videographers in your hands with an easy submission process.


  • No contract – No commitment: You hire them per project as a freelancer. You don’t need any fancy agreements to do so! When the videos are done editing and ready for upload/publish- send them over – no strings attached other than finding someone better if needed (or sticking with what works).
  • High-quality, professional video editing services: Some of the best video editors in this game are freelancers. You can find top-notch videos on freelance platforms with time and care.


  • Finding the right person takes time: Out of the hundreds who respond, you’ll only be able to choose a handful for your project. The tricky part is sifting through all those unqualified amateurs and finding someone qualified enough in time before deadline day arrives.
  • Inconsistent availability: Working with a freelance video editor can be difficult if you’re not in their daily schedule. You might have to wait until they finish other projects before starting yours, or maybe the person who is supposed to edit your footage isn’t feeling well and needs some more time on their own.
  • Cost: Good quality freelancers are not cheap. They will charge you a high rate because their work has extra costs associated with it- besides just living wages or salary, they must also pay taxes on any income received! Freelance video editors who offer top-notch services might quote prices upwards of $100/hour – and even shorter videos may take more than one hour depending upon how complex the edit needs to be done correctly the first time around.

In-house Video Editor


Know the brand, business objectives, and imperatives: In-house staff members can provide valuable services such as implementing new technology and process improvements.

The company gains an advantage by being able to react quickly to needs that arise since they are on-site 24/7 instead of outbound calling or traveling across town for meetings every day at certain hours, like other companies might do while also adding value in ways not possible with external vendors who may take weeks before responding due time zones.


  • Productivity and Time: With all this mandated training and meetings, it is no wonder that employees spend about 25% of their time on non-productive tasks.
  • Creative ability: Creativity is diminished when employees are unable to express themselves freely. Employees often have a set style and individual strength, leading them to believe that outside work offers better opportunities than inside jobs do because it’s less likely they’ll be accused of being unoriginal or stale-died out by their respective coworkers.
  • Multi-tasking: Generalists are in high demand by companies because they can handle a variety of roles. This includes producing, shooting, and editing graphics work or other projects that may come up throughout the day.
  • Unreasonable working time: Video services are in high demand, but when there’s not enough work, some roles may sit idle until the next project.

Outsourcing Video Editing Service


  • Efficient and industry-attuned: These companies have been established for years and know how to get the job done right. They use cutting-edge technology that makes your videos stand out from others on YouTube or Vimeo, so you’ll be able to create professional content in no time.
  • A wide range of editing services: Video editing companies offer great value for your money. You get to focus on what you do best instead of spending hours trying to find suitable footage and put together something decent with the time-consuming task in front of it where to hire a full-time employee. Outsourcing this activity will be the most cost-effective strategy.


  • The risk of opting for the wrong company: When you outsource video editing, there is still risk involved. First off, ensure they are professional and consistent with their work! Second- check up on the quality of websites created by this company; we recommend checking whether or not it includes a portfolio site showcasing past projects and testimonials from satisfied clients who have used them in similar roles (if available). If these precautions sound good too, go ahead & contract immediately because of the chances.

It’s no surprise that most creators outsource their video editing needs. Outsourcing to a professional company is the best option for balanced cost savings, efficient workflows and high-quality results.

Communicate your Video Editing Tasks

Video Editing Services: The complete guide to get the best out of your outsourcing

You may be working with a very competent, creative video editor, but you still need to provide some input about your project. It’s essential in the beginning when either of you doesn’t know how they want their videos edited and what style best suits them (or at least until after we’ve completed editing). So put in just enough time on this topic – it’ll pay off later! Here are a few key points that should come up during these discussions:

  • A script or storyboard: A video editor should be able to see what’s happening in your script or storyboard and use that as a guide for cutting. If you have something important that needs capturing on camera, ensure it gets done by sharing these documents with the professional.
  • Branding guidelines: It would help if you shared your branding guidelines with the video editor. This will ensure they are doing their best to represent who you are and not just making videos for money without any regard towards what is appropriate or not in regards to how people would feel when watching them on TV/ Youtube etc…
  • An example: If you have a favorite video that’s inspiring, send it to your editor so you can use the footage as inspiration for your own project.
  • A creative brief: Creative briefs are often very brief documents that cover the essential information about your project. They might be a small email with some bullet points or just one page, but they’re used as guidelines for what you want to do creatively on an assignment. They should include: Your editing style, Text & Titles, Music, Any other relevant details like specific deadlines, Output tone.

How much does Outsourcing Photo Editing Service cost?

The next step after deciding who you’ll hire is to coordinate payment. Two payment arrangements can work: an hourly rate or a fixed price for the job; it depends on what’s best suited to your company culture and how much risk there seems with paying by periods.

Hourly rate

With an editor, you’ll be able to track their time and know how much is being spent on each project. If your project needs changes or cancellations at the last minute, this will help prevent any additional fees from occurring because it was all recorded beforehand.

This is the downside to an hourly rate editor. They may take longer because they are incentivized by their pay per hour not finishing sooner rather than later, so there’s potential for going over budget if you don’t set a cap on how much he works in one day/weekend, etc.


Fixed rates are ideal for those who have a strict budget. It means you know how much it will cost to work with your editor, and there is no need to negotiate prices since they’re already set in stone at the start.

However, this also makes flexibility less likely as changes must be made if needed throughout production because once one segment takes longer than expected or needs redefining altogether. Then everything else stands still while we wait for them to finish their part so everyone can get back onto what they were doing before things got mute without any progress being made.

Other costs to consider

Aside from labor, always discuss any other relevant expenses with your editor. Find out if he includes access to certain assets and tools within his rates so you can plan for them accordingly when acquiring footage or seeking help elsewhere. Some extra costs associated with the industry are stock video & music footage, thumbnail design, project management software, etc.

Finalizing Payment with a Contract

As with any business deal, you need to finalize payment. Don’t overlook this part of the outsourcing process because most people do! Once you’ve deliberated all details about how much work will be done and when it needs to be finished, you are ready to write down those expectations in an official document, so everyone knows what they are getting into before starting their job or project together.

Innovature BPO’s Video Editing Service

Video editing is manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new piece of video. It is an essential part of the Post-Production process, including sound design, color correction, and compositing. Video editing can be used to improve a video’s quality, add special effects, or change the style of a video.

Innovature BPO’s Video Editing Service offers all of these services and more. We have a team of experienced editors who can help you create the perfect video for your needs. We also offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you’ll be happy with the final product. Contact us today to learn more about outsourcing Video Editing Services for ecommerce.

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