Top 7 tips for Outsourcing Photo Editing Service for Your E-commerce Business


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Photo editing for products and items consumes more time. Learning how to make outsourcing photo editing services the best solution, especially for e-commerce business owners with our below article.

Photo retouching assists you in using modified images for a variety of commercial purposes. The quality of images displayed online is the most important component in achieving sales in e-commerce. Choosing a competent Photo Editing Services provider, whether for an e-commerce or a prolific photographer, might be a difficult endeavor. Few tips are beneficial as references to ensure that you receive the best services.

What is Outsourcing Photo Editing Service for e-commerce?

Product photos in e-commerce business are critical since they are specifically targeted to buyers. The process has three stages. The first one is pre-production.

The second is the production phase and the last one is post-stage. Photo editing, particularly in the final step, comprises retouching and other tasks. The final phase is vital since the finished product is sent directly to the intended customers.

Any business that sells its items online depends on the photo quality. It must be excellent in order to attract customers to purchase the products. Here comes the significance of image editing, which e-commerce businesses subcontract to professionals who will offer the finishing touch to photos that represents the business’s reputation.

Why should we outsource Photo Editing?

Outsourcing post-production procedures to this kind of editing firm may save you much time that you could be spending on other things. When managing a business, one of the primary goals should be to attract a consistent stream of new customers. Repeat customers are excellent, but they cannot bring you everything

If you spend a lot of time retouching photos, you are probably passing on opportunities to expand your customer base and take the company to the upper level. You cannot do everything. It is less practical to do mundane tasks, such as editing the same over again. You let this matter be handled by a third party. Therefore, the business will focus on the core service.

What are e-commerce Photo Editing Services’ pros and cons?

E-commerce photo editing services have pros and cons that you should compare carefully to get the optimal result.


This service will save time and provide a faster turnaround. You can get the ready photo for e-commerce with the latest updates.

Another benefit is less cost for overhead and maintenance. To tell the truth, everything is done by the services from their system. You do not have to allocate any resources for in-house photo editing.

Another interesting thing about this service is scalability. Your order is based on the needs and expands if the business grows.


The cons related to outsourcing is communication difficulties, delivery delay, and control issues. You do not meet them face to face unless the location is nearby. The delivery might be delayed if the service must face unexpected situations such as hardware and software trouble.

7 tips for Outsourcing Photo Editing Services that you should consider

The following list consists of tips for outsourcing photo editing services you can consider. You can get the best service with less consuming time looking around and avoiding trials and errors.

1. Make clear your requirements

Not all companies offer comprehensive photo editing services. For example, some firms specialize in replacing the background, while others provide a wide variety of services such as clipping path and vector conversion.

The rationale for employing a flexible service provider is that the editing needs of any organization might vary at any time. If you are intending to outsource editing tasks, you must offer the agency a thorough list of needs. Before contacting an agency, it is critical to understand the typical techniques involved in generating high-quality e-commerce images.

Inform the outsourcing team about rules or suggestions you have for stylizing, adding color, retouching, and other things that assist the brand’s identity be better represented. It’s also a good idea to supplement the order with examples of item photos from your directory. Include enough to cover all variations for photo processing.

2. Considering Options

It is necessary to select a service that has core business related to e-commerce. Some photo editing also provides services in specialized industries such as textiles, jewelry, and electronics. As a result, seek for business that has a lot of expertise in altering images for e-commerce sectors.

Editing landscape or event photo is different from product images. Thus, you only be confident of a high-quality output if you work with a firm that has previously executed e-commerce product photo orders.

3. Checking other Customer Reviews about your Photo Editing Service Provider

One of the most important elements to examine is a company’s goodwill. Checking for client reviews and testimonials is highly suggested for every firm. Companies with vast experience are recognized to deal with market concerns and produce excellent services on schedule.

Learn the structure they apply in place, as possibilities range from the charters that explain everything in depth. By reviewing the offered onboarding instructions, you may have a clear understanding of what is expected, how the collaboration process will unfold, how frequently you will receive feedback, and so on.

Furthermore, if you are dissatisfied with the supplied service quality or the delivered images do not meet the stated requirements, you will have a record to support your claim in the event of a dispute.

4. Cost-effectiveness vs. Low-Pricing

The most significant thing to do is to compare the services of the firms that have been shortlisted. Next, a budget must be accounted for before the work is outsourced to a provider. It relies on a variety of parameters, including workload, the quantity of editing, results, and more.

Choosing the correct firm may result in significant cost-effectiveness, which leads to increased revenue. When selecting a freelancer or business to outsource photo editing, you should not be concerned with the cost.

Someone asking for a cheap or expensive price does not guarantee that the provided quality will be comparable. Not all pricey services provide excellent outcomes, and occasionally a less priced freelancer may surprise the customer with how effectively they can do e-commerce photography.

5. Service Provider: Do they have the capability to meet your requirements?

Always choose the companies with the experience to manage large orders and finish them on schedule. Though the firm is small and medium-sized, it has a good chance of succeeding in the market. At that point, keeping with the same agency is the best option rather than searching around because it is both time-consuming and costly.

The specific outsourcing business is capable of handling large requests. Even your tiny firm has the potential to thrive in the future. Always make decisions with the future in mind. Always go with a photo editing firm that can provide big quantities of photo editing.

6. Support and Turnaround Time

If the firm must do meeting tight deadlines, it is critical to locate an outsourcing provider that is ready 24/7. Whether your e-commerce business seeks an offshore outsourcing or a local agency, the services provider should be available when it is needed.

Always ensure that the communication is adequate so that the turnaround time is not impacted.

7. Data Security: Can you trust them?

When a corporation decides to outsource image editing chores to a service provider, the security procedures related to upload and download must be properly examined. Whether they upload to a cloud server or FTP, quality control solutions such as a non-disclosure agreement and ISO 9001 certification are essential.

Before verifying, it is preferable to inquire with the firms associated with their benchmark. Try to put your job in the best possible hands. Choosing the correct retouching service helps you acquire the required altered photographs. Always go with a services firm that has a staff of professionals to do your assignment to your specifications.

How much does Photo Editing Service cost?

You may come across price offers ranging from $0.50 to $150 per image. Such a disparity may appear startling, but it will make sense if the facts are examined.

The particular cost is determined by the amount of work required, which means that basic correction is not $70 per photo, yet in-depth retouching with several modifications will generally cost considerably more than $10.  Because the business wants to establish and acquire the trust of consumers, new agencies prefer to price the services cheaply while giving outstanding outcomes.

On the contrary, you might overpay a veteran and yet not get the quality you need, even though you supplied them with a detailed list of specifications. The cost of retouching is partly determined by the price structure of your provider. Some of them charge by the image.

This is a more practical price method that makes budgeting easier. Others create a cost on an hourly basis, while others employ a monthly or subscription model. Vendors may charge a lot if you have a quick deadline, so plan on paying an additional rush cost if you want your modifications within a few moments immediately.

They also provide discounts for large-volume tasks, so placing bulk orders will result in spending less per shot. Those that utilize specialized or complex tools will almost certainly charge pricier than those who only rely on basic software.

Innovature BPO’s Photo Editing Service

When it comes to photo editing services, you already know what to choose. Innovature BPO is one of the top providers in the industry.

Our experienced staff provides you with superb, stunning photographs, allowing you to have more time and growth, but less stress for expanding new commerce channels. Use our editing service to maximize your business’s benefits. You may quickly enhance sales, flexibility, credibility, and efficiency. It is less effort and time by using brand-aware altered and personalized photos.

You can order to do removing the background, services for clipping path, and enhancement of photographs. More benefits are listed at the following list.

  • It is a free offer to test our work quality at least 2-3 photos and a normal turnaround time of 24 hours.
  • Offer over 2000 photos in a single day. In addition, we have a specialized team for regular partners.
  • Guarantee the complete protection of your files. We respect privacy and appreciate your confidence in us.
  • Responsive and quick staff dedicated to delivering high-quality results in a timely manner. Your requirements are our first focus.
  • Provide low-cost services. For cropping and easy order, our cost starts at $0.50.
  • Provide our clients with preferential rates for large quantities and frequent orders.

Our creative team provides you with ultimate, cost-effective, secure, and transparent services. We make all efforts to establish dependable and long-term connections with clients and business partners


You may question why you did not attempt outsourcing some of the photos to an experienced service sooner. This service can do all of the tedious tasks.

Outsourcing editing gives more time to pursue clients with larger budgets. To be successful in business, you must concentrate on the jobs that generate the greatest revenue. Outsourcing photo editing services will be the  best method to accomplish this.

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