Product Photography trends in 2022 that continues to transform e-commerce in 2023

Product Photography trends in 2022 that continues to transform e-commerce in 2023

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Product photography is an essential part of the e-commerce process. With the increasing competition in this space, it is important to keep up with trends and know what’s coming in the future. Product photography trends are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay updated with what’s happening now and what might happen in the future. This article will take a look at some of the product photography trends 2022 that will be making waves in and beyond.

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360-Degree Photo Views and Panoramas

The future of product photography is very exciting. With the use of 360-degree photo views and panoramas, we can get a more immersive experience. As these trends continue to transform e-commerce in 2023, it will be interesting to see what new product photography trends in 2022 will bring to the table.

Product photography has been an essential element for e-commerce stores since the beginning of online retail. This is because customers want to know what they are buying before they make a purchase. Companies often use traditional product photography as well as different angles and perspectives which help them showcase their products better.

Avoid overediting with candid shots and authentic lifestyle and beauty images

Avoid overediting with candid shots

Consumers are more aware and conscious about the products they buy. They want to know what they are getting into before purchasing something. For this reason, candid shots have become popular because it gives potential customers an idea of what they will be getting without any editing.

Candid photo

Source: Trend Hunter

Authentic lifestyle and beauty images

Consumers want to see how products look in real-life situations. They want to see how it interacts with their lifestyle and environment. This is why authentic lifestyle images have become so popular as well as beautiful images that show off natural beauty instead of heavily edited ones that make people look like they’ve gone through a full makeover.


Source: Wedio

Production in motion, production animation, and video in product listings

As e-commerce continues to dominate the marketplace, product photography is becoming ever more important. 2022 will be no exception, as new trends emerge that focus on creative visuals and bringing products to life via motion graphics and videos. 

Production in motion is one such trend, which sees images being used to create moving presentations that tell a story about the product or create a dynamic composition that peaks viewer interest. 


Production animation has also taken off, with animated productions further enhancing the way customers view products and engage with brands. 

Perhaps one of the most interesting product photography trends in 2022 is video in-product listings. This involves shooting short clips of products from multiple angles and rolling them together into an engaging, immersive visual experience for customers browsing online stores.  

With these three new trends – Production in Motion, Production Animation, and Video In-Product Listings – it’s clear that 2022 will not just see a rise in quality product photography but exciting new avenues for creativity too!

Floating products

Floating product photos are set to be one of the leading trends in commercial photography in 2022. Floating products create a magical, timeless experience for viewers and add an element of emotion to product images. 

Floating product photography combines skilled photography techniques with digital manipulations to make objects appear as if they are floating suspended in midair. Floating products can help bring certain attributes of a brand or product to light and make them stand out from the competition. Floating products will no doubt be huge in the world of commercial photography in 2022.


Source: Katnik

Minimal, high-contrast photos


What is new in Product photography is a key element of many commercial environments, and 2022 trends are shifting toward the use of minimal, high-contrast photos. This technique creates a strong contrast between the product and the background, allowing viewers to really hone in on the details of an item. 

Minimalistic photos can also provide a calm, neutral space for showcasing products, ensuring that no other elements detract from them. One advantage of this style of product photography is that it leaves more room for creative expression.

Product photography 2022 with High-contrast photos

Minimalism continues to be a key trend in commercial photography trends 2022 as companies look to better showcase their items in 2022. By creating high-contrast images with minimal backdrops, they can ensure that the products are always front and center. 

Customers can then easily appreciate their details and features without being overwhelmed by other visuals alongside them. Minimalist product photography is here to stay as 2021 turns into 2022 – this trend offers simple yet powerful visuals which engage viewers in an instant.

High contrast

Source: The Inspiration Grid

Geometry and repetitive elements

In recent times, we have seen a range of creative styles grow in popularity, including Geometry and Repetitive Elements for product photography. 

Geometric designs often involve the use of basic shapes such as squares, rectangles, and circles to create patterns that not only draw the eye but can also convey a sense of balance and harmony. 

Meanwhile, repeating elements allow photographers to create an endless expanse of detail which can add interest to their images. 


Source: Sarah Oden

Both Geometry and Repetitive Elements have been gaining traction in the photography world lately and it looks like they’re here to stay – with experts predicting that both will be some of the top product photography trends in 2022. 

Monochrome colors for better focus on products

In the world of product photography, there is no doubt that Monochrome colors will be the trend for the year 2022. Monochrome colors are used to enhance the contrast and bring better focus to the product being photographed. 

Monochrome color tones like black and white, brown, grey, and bronze provide an attractive look to any image, making it far more engaging for viewers. Monochrome colors also simplify an image; allowing photographers to emphasize certain elements without interference from other dynamical factors such as excessively bright or garish colors. 


Source: Peta Pixel

Monochrome frames can make https://petapixel.com/ images look classic, modern, and stylish all at once. This creative use of color will continue to draw eyes toward products that are featured in product photography in 2022 and beyond. 

Videography and smart Post-production with AI-based photo editing

As technology advances and customer demands evolve, the bar for product visuals keeps rising each year. In 2022, two emerging trends in product photography stand out: Videography and smart Post-production with AI-based photo editing. 

Videography captures still images as well as motion to create dynamic visuals that breathe life into products. Smart Post-production with AI-based photo editing uses machine learning algorithms to automate tedious tasks, like retouching and background removal. These technologies make it faster and easier for photographers to create polished product images that boost sales and engage customers without compromising quality or accuracy. 

Drones and Aerial Photography with Bird’s-eye View Shots

As we look ahead to 2023, an exciting trend has emerged: Drones and Aerial Photography with Bird’s-eye View Shots. Drones can fly at high altitudes, allowing photographers to capture images from angles and perspectives never before seen in product photography. These bird’s-eye view shots offer a unique and dynamic perspective, providing online shoppers with an alternative way to visualize products from above.

bird eye view

Drones also make it possible for photographers to obtain larger scenes or wider angles without having to move further away from the scene itself. This type of aerial photography has already begun to revolutionize the world of product photography and is expected to become increasingly popular over the next couple of years as buyers seek more engaging visuals for their shopping experiences. 

Better Smartphone Photography making DSLRs a niche

Commercial photography trends 2022, an aspect of marketing that often gets overlooked, is enjoying a resurgence in attention as newer smartphone models rival traditional cameras in terms of resolution and quality.


A photographer no longer needs an expensive arsenal of lenses and many more pieces of hardware; Better Smartphone Photography requires less hardware, allowing for more focus on what matters: taking stunning product images. 

We’ve long known the convenience factors associated with bringing a phone to take photos, but now smartphones are equipped with better sensors and lenses than ever before, offering photos without the need for expensive or bulky equipment. 

This trend towards Better Smartphone Photography is only expected to grow through 2022, making DSLRs a niche option. 

Augment Reality Photo Capture

Augment Reality Photo Capture takes traditional product photography 2022 to a whole new level by allowing photographers to add virtual elements to photos which can make products appear more attractive than ever before.  Additionally, lighting and effects can also be added to these photographs, providing an even more impressive result. 

Source: Paul Reiffer

Augment Reality Photo Capture works by using sensors and machines that provide images from multiple angles, allowing for more realistic and intricate details. Augment Reality Photo Capture has the potential to revolutionize product photography in 2022 and beyond, with consumers now expecting high-quality images when they look at products online or in-store. 

By utilizing Augment Reality Photo Capture in their shoots, photographers will have the opportunity to stay ahead of ever-evolving what’s new in product photography and produce stunning images that attract customers. It’s clear that Augment Reality Photo Capture has a lot of advantages over traditional methods and will likely become an industry standard very soon. 

Vertical product photos for better mobile uses

The rise of the “mobile user” has changed the rules for product photography. Vertical product photos now play an increasingly important role in how pictures appear on mobile devices, and this trend is expected to continue into 2022. 

vertical photo

Source: Designspiration

Vertical product photos provide more focused images that are perfect for use on smaller screens, and with more people using their phones to shop than ever before, creating vertical product shots has become essential for retailers looking to reach a wider audience. Vertical product photography also helps to draw attention to key details, such as vibrant colors and intricate designs, that can often be missed in horizontal pictures. 

Natural Lighting Photography

Natural Lighting Photography is set to become a key trend in product photography in 2022. Natural light has long been sought after by Photographers, but in recent years the rising demand for natural-looking images has kickstarted a boom in Natural Lighting Photography techniques. 

In Natural Lighting Photography, the Photographer sets up their camera and equipment near natural light sources such as windows or outdoor locations with open shade and captures images that look faithfully true to life. 

natural lighting

Source: Anett Elek Photography

As businesses continue to invest more in their visual marketing, Natural Lighting Photography makes sure that each product is showcased from its best angle with the truest form of lighting available – making it a great choice for any company looking to stand out from the competition. 

Cloud storage for product photos

In 2022, this trend is expected to continue with Cloud storage for product photos quickly becoming the norm. Cloud storage enables companies of all sizes to safely store their product images without the worry of capacity limits or costly physical servers. 

Cloud storage can also provide automated backups, with daily off-site copies that ensure high data security and resilience. It has become increasingly popular due to its cost-effectiveness and convenience– no longer do businesses need to spend time and money on specialist software or hardware solutions– Cloud storage provides everything they need in one place. 

Cloud Storage
Cloud computing technology internet on data network with a technology background. Cloud Service, Cloud Storage Concept. 3D render.

Cloud storage has revolutionized the way we approach product photography, giving companies advanced tools to manage their inventory, through a single provider, wherever and whenever they need it. 

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Product photography is playing an increasingly important role in the success of businesses. With the rise of web-only shopping, product photos give potential customers their first impression of what a company and its products are all about. As a result, what’s new in product photography and the upcoming trends must always be on retailers’ minds.