Top Statistics about Ecommerce Product Photography


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If you don’t invest in professional photography, it’s like building a house from scratch and using old, worn-out carpet.

In a nutshell, if you’re trying to sell anything on the internet, it’s critical that you do everything possible to make your items seem appealing. Don’t trust us? Take a look at the Ecommerce Product Photography statistics below.

Ecommerce Product Photography impacts Conversion rate

Regarding purchasing decisions, 75% of online shoppers look at product pictures first.

“Conversion, Conversion, Conversion” is the official name for this area. After all, your ecommerce company’s goal isn’t simply to attract attention to your website; it’s also to sell your products. If you can’t get people to click the “Place Order” button after they’ve seen everything they need on your site, great SEO is nothing.

Most consumers, it would seem, take photographs into account while making online purchases. It’s almost impressive that the number isn’t higher. However, considering this, it is remarkable that so many firms fail to prepare for their product images.

Top Statistics about Ecommerce Product Photography

Ecommerce Product Photography impacts return rate

Product returns happen 22% of the time because people realize it looks different in person.

Returns are common, with 30% of customers bringing back items they purchase online (it’s even higher just after the holidays). According to several conversion rate optimization experts, 22 percent of those returns are due to the received product not matching the images.

Professional photographs taken before the launch of your eCommerce website or a new product range might take a long way toward eliminating this problem. While there is significant variation in how various monitors and devices display color, experts are more likely to understand what’s best for the greatest number of displays.

Top Statistics about Ecommerce Product Photography

Ecommerce Product Photography impacts social sharing

Visual content is 40% more likely to be shared on your social media accounts.

To build a successful eCommerce business in today’s world, you need to focus on creating visual content for your social media platforms.

Professional product photos are important for maintaining a modern and high-end appeal on your website, building community around your brand, and sharing aspirational content that users will enjoy.

Consider it this way: You improve your chances of viewers identifying as your target audience if you use human-centred lifestyle images on your website and social media accounts; they may want the same style or experiences as the models using your product.

Some recent study indicates that having pictures of people on your website can boost brand trust and conversion.

Although it’s a good idea to share content that your customers have created using your products on social media, you should always ensure that your original content is as professional as possible.

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