Live Chat for Ecommerce: The Essential Guide

Live Chat for Ecommerce The Essential Guide

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As an online business, having a presence on the web can be one of your most powerful tools for success. Staying accessible and providing excellent customer service are vital components that help businesses stand out. Live chat for Ecommerce is becoming increasingly popular as it enables merchants to communicate with site visitors in real time, addressing queries and concerns promptly. 

In this guide, we’ll explore why live chat should be a part of Marketing strategies for Ecommerce and how you can quickly get started using it as part of your platform. Let’s dive in!

What is Live Chat for Ecommerce?

Live chat for Ecommerce can be invaluable in providing exceptional customer service. It gives customers a sense of trust and security in your online store but also helps drive sales by fostering positive shopping experiences.

Live chat software is a great way to foster engagement with website visitors. With the simple click of a button, shoppers can get answers to product inquiries or find help navigating your online store’s pages in real-time. Furthermore, an app like this could provide quick responses for frequently asked questions and direct consumers towards more comprehensive guides in your knowledge base.

Live Chat for Ecommerce The Essential Guide

With Ecommerce Live Chat, your customer service team can take the lead in promptly addressing questions and issues. This direct connection to customers has been known to help boost conversions at exceptionally high rates – faster than you ever anticipated.

For many customers, live chat is the top choice of communication – especially among younger users. This method provides fast response time and enhanced security compared to phone conversations which have become increasingly vulnerable to malicious vishing scams.

With Ecommerce Live Chat, customers can quickly and easily reach a representative with a button – no special software or sign-ups are necessary. A visible widget on your website ensures that visitors always have access to helpful advice from customer service staff without any further technical hurdles.

Why Do You Need Live Chat for Ecommerce?

Ecommerce Live Chat brings convenience to customers and agents alike, allowing them increased flexibility in their experience. Customers can quickly access answers from the product page without having to break away from shopping – no longer is waiting required for inquiries! Agents, too, stand to benefit by being able to handle several customer queries simultaneously.

Taking prompt action to address customer inquiries is essential in making a sale. Delays can cause customers hesitation, leading them to change their minds and depart the site – increasing the shopping cart abandonment rate. Responding quickly helps reduce this outcome significantly.

Give your store the personal touch with Ecommerce Live Chat. Let customers know that there’s always someone available to answer any questions or provide helpful guidance, just like in a physical store. Make their shopping experience unforgettable.

By utilizing Ecommerce Live Chat feature, you can swiftly assess your customer’s needs and quickly identify areas of friction in the user journey. This real-time insight will provide valuable information to help optimize interactions with customers online.

Ecommerce Live Chat can be a powerful tool to gain customer insight and understand the entire shopping experience they receive. Use it as an opportunity to uncover valuable feedback.

10 Tips for Using Live Chat for Ecommerce

Here are our best tips on maximizing Live Chat for Ecommerce potential, allowing businesses and customers alike a more efficient experience.

Approach Your Visitors

Don’t wait for customers to approach you – take the initiative and invite them into meaningful conversations that can lead to sales.

Leverage the power of Ecommerce Live Chat software to provide a personalized customer experience. Automated criteria can invite visitors for a conversation if specific actions are taken, such as product comparison or inactivity on pages. This allows agents to enter conversations where customers need additional help making decisions and driving website conversions.

Respectful chat invitations are essential for successful customer engagement. Repeated, unsolicited chats can be off-putting to customers who prefer an uninterrupted browsing experience – so tailor your approach and keep them onsite.

Make Live Chat Available Across Your Whole Website

Ecommerce Live Chat can be a great way to engage customers on an ecommerce website, but its availability should extend beyond the home page. Customers may have just started exploring your site and still need to develop questions or concerns that need addressing; make sure they’re offered support throughout their journey.

Enhancing your website with Ecommerce Live Chat will make it easier for shoppers to get answers to their product inquiries quickly and efficiently, increasing the chance of a successful purchase. By having customer support available across all web pages on your site, from product pages through checkout, you offer an uninterrupted journey that is sure to boost conversion rates.

Enhance your customer’s experience by providing an accessible yet discreet live chat widget that is visible on every page and optimized for mobile and desktop browsing. Leverage this tool to create a seamless shopping journey that meets increasing consumer demands.

Don’t Leave Your Customers Waiting

Customers often turn to live chat when they want fast, helpful answers. If their query is answered for a short time, it may cause them to become frustrated and abandon the purchase altogether – getting back in touch with customers quickly can be critical.

Having the proper infrastructure for delivering fast responses in live chat is vital. To satisfy customer needs, you should employ a sufficient number of agents or deploy an AI-driven chatbot that can take on inquiries without delay.

Make Use of Chatbots

Live Chat for Ecommerce The Essential Guide

Chatbots are the modern way to assist customers almost as quickly and effectively as having a human answer their inquiries. Utilizing natural language processing (NLP), they respond instantly – eliminating long wait times while providing vital customer service help for any ecommerce business.

Chatbots offer a great way to guide customers through their inquiries, removing live agents’ burdens. Using AI technology and pre-established questions, chatbot interactions can be tailored to quickly get to the heart of what visitors seek. This helps provide helpful answers with minimal effort from both customer and agent alike.

Chatbots provide organizations with the unique opportunity to reduce wait times and lighten workloads for contact center agents while giving customers a reliable 24/7 service experience.

Automated conversations can help gather data, leaving agents free to dedicate time to more complex inquiries. Customers are constantly supported as chatbot technology allows access even when no agent is available.

Use Chat History

Customers can save time and energy by ensuring customer service agents have access to chat histories. They no longer need to keep reiterating their queries – the conversation history will speak for itself.

By leveraging past chat histories, your customer service team can quickly gain insight into customers’ issues and provide the most suitable solutions without delay. This expedites support workflows for a more efficient process overall.

Additionally, such records are beneficial in cultivating an environment of growth within contact centers by giving agents valuable feedback opportunities to refine their skills further.

Be Visual

Ecommerce Live Chat isn’t just a text-based communication tool. Sometimes, it helps to include visual material in your conversation – such as photographs of the product you are discussing or images indicating steps for technical support resolution.

With these visuals prepared and ready, website visitors can better understand what you’re trying to explain and have their questions answered quickly! If relevant video content is available for recurrent queries, this may even further enhance customer service efficiency.

Use Live Chat to Collect Information

Ecommerce Live Chat offers an invaluable customer experience – it allows you to capture valuable insights from your customers, providing them with helpful support while generating quality leads.

Automating customer service forms is a great way to give agents a head start and make their workflows smoother. By using these digital pre-chat forms, helpdesk staff can access all the essential information upfront, removing any initial delays in finding solutions for customers’ queries.

Ecommerce Live Chat can be a powerful tool in sales, allowing you to capture customer information and grow your contact list. Creating an interactive dialogue with visitors helps identify their interests so that tailored communications can further engage them.

An excellent time to capture customer feedback is after providing a great experience while solving their query. This will help inform your CRM software, enhancing your and your customers’ relationship.

Use Knowledge Bases

Having a comprehensive knowledge base on your website can be an invaluable resource for customers searching for help. Taking it one step further, integrating the database with live chat allows efficient customer service; AI-powered bots may even provide answers before any human agents need to get involved, allowing users to receive quick and accurate resolutions in real-time.

Use Carefully Crafted Templates

Quick customer service is a must; however, striking the right balance between speed and effectiveness ensures that customers remain satisfied. To safeguard your agent’s sending tailored messages while still providing quick responses, they should be able to search through labeled templates – with adjustable content based on context – and adjust them before releasing. Keeping these updated for common queries will help you provide remarkable support while maintaining time and quality in communication.

Make Improvements Based on Your Insights from Chat

Ecommerce Live Chat gives you invaluable insight into user behavior; keep track of the common questions asked, and it could open up new avenues towards better sales. If multiple people ask about comparisons between different products, use this as a cue to step in and create something that fits their needs – such as introducing product comparison features on your website.

Gather customer insights with a post-chat survey and get valuable feedback on your website, products – even the live chat feature. Leverage customer responses to understand their needs best and further improve your business.

10 best Ecommerce Live Chats for your store

When selecting the right Ecommerce Live Chat software for your business, consider all available features and how they fit your budget and user experience goals. Here’s the top 10 best Ecommerce Live Chat software:


Live Chat for Ecommerce The Essential Guide

Tidio combines chatbot technology and a shared inbox to offer an efficient customer experience. With one platform, you can easily manage conversations from Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and your website – making it easier than ever for businesses to engage customers with quick responses that increase sales opportunities.

With this Ecommerce Live Chat, you can get an in-depth look at your customer’s experience. Access reports on behaviors and satisfaction that enable proactive support with the potential to reduce abandoned shopping carts dramatically.

  • Provide your customers a unified shopping experience across multiple platforms, and support them efficiently wherever they go.
  • With ecommerce integrations for Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, you can manage all customer inquiries from one shared inbox.
  • Get notified when visitors land on the website to provide instant service through mobile apps (available both in Android & iOS).
  • Visitor profiles will offer detailed insights into their location, contact details, etc., helping businesses serve each individual better.


  • Free version available
  • Communicator ($19/mo/operator)
  • Chatbots ($49/mo)


LiveAgent is here to help your business simplify customer interactions and get the job done faster. This open-source help desk integrates with popular social media and messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack & Viber, for a seamless user experience.

It also offers voice integration so you can provide customers with more options for communication – plus email piping capabilities and templates that ensure efficient task management.

This Ecommerce Live Chat keeps your accounts secure and organized with powerful spam filters, efficient role permissions, settings, and a centralized ticketing system to quickly address inquiries – all in one place.


  • Free version available
  • Ticket ($15/agent/month)
  • Ticket+Chat ($29/agent/month)
  • All-inclusive ($49/agent/month)


Live Chat for Ecommerce The Essential Guide

Gorgias is an all-inclusive customer relationship management (CRM) software purpose-built for ecommerce businesses. With a shared inbox workspace, team chat agents can deliver efficient interactions that build strong customer relationships.

It has unique analytics features such as social media sentiment analysis. It easily integrates into platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento – allowing you to make the most of your live chat strategy.


  • Basic ($60/month)
  • Pro ($360/month)
  • Advanced ($900/month)
  • Enterprise → contact the sales team


Tawk.to is the ideal solution for small companies and start-ups, offering a free Ecommerce Live Chat experience. It helps provide personalized customer service with insightful monitoring of visitor activities on your website or mobile app (available for both iOS & Android). Additionally, you can hire agents from their system by the hour to support fast response times.

With Tawk.to, you can increase your site’s reach to an international audience with over 45 language translations available and a customizable chat widget that gives you enhanced control of the type of conversations being had.

You’ll also gain invaluable insights into how visitors use your website through its real-time view feature tracking data on the frequency of visits–allowing for more effective engagement strategies.

Pricing: Free to use


Live Chat for Ecommerce The Essential Guide

Enhance your customer communication with LiveChat’s comprehensive helpdesk. This software is the perfect solution for medium to large businesses in need of detailed reports on agent performance, customer satisfaction scores, and much more.

Give customers a personalized touch by allowing them to book appointments through an easy-to-use self-service tool while providing customizable chat widgets and canned responses that let you provide fast support anytime.

LiveChat provides the ultimate customer service experience with its innovative chat supervision feature and a slew of convenient customization tools. Pre-made canned responses, product carousels, and message templates with buttons help agents respond to customers quickly while maintaining a sense of high quality. In addition, in-chat satisfaction surveys and ratings provide helpful insights.


  • Starter ($19/mo/agent)
  • Team ($39/mo/agent)
  • Business ($59/mo/agent)
  • Enterprise → contact the sales team

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a comprehensive CRM solution designed to make customer interactions seamless. With time-tracking capabilities, auto-tagging, and canned responses, you can ensure your customers receive the help they need quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, its analytics provide metrics that allow you to stay on top of results while forecasting helps measure your customer experience to improve it continuously.

With Zoho Desk, gain a better understanding of customer journeys and service performance with advanced dashboards and reports. Enhance efficiency by accurately tracking the time customers wait for help via an integrated Time tracker. Plus, take advantage of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to provide automated interactions in call center settings so agents can focus on more complex tasks.


  • Free version available
  • Standard ($20/agent/month)
  • Professional ($35/agent/month)
  • Enterprise ($50/agent/month)


Live Chat for Ecommerce The Essential Guide

Intercom provides the ultimate Ecommerce Live Chat experience for any retail/ecommerce business – from small start-ups to large SaaS companies. With its diverse feature set and adaptability, you can easily match your unique needs with a tailored system that meets them all.

Lead qualification and customer segmentation boost sales by converting leads quickly; custom APIs combined with Service Level Agreements improve customer service, while ticket workflows create an efficient technical support process – track it all using comprehensive analytics.

Pricing: Contact sales for demos and custom pricing


HubSpot offers a comprehensive system for ecommerce businesses to optimize customer service. The Ecommerce Live Chat feature is accompanied by an inbound marketing tool that allows you to categorize inquiries and build databases of client data. Plus, with AI chatbots, your support team can provide personalized assistance using previously collected information – all while creating strong customer relationships through improved communication.

Its customer inbox ensures that interactions are memorable, allowing you to craft personalized experiences down the road. Not only does it come with many integrations like Slack, Eventbrite, and SurveyMonkey integrated into its platform – but it also has an impressive selection of tools from mass email campaigns to landing page builders – making this powerhouse ideal for your business needs.


  • Free version available
  • Starter ($45/mo)
  • Professional ($450/mo)
  • Enterprise ($1,200/mo)


Live Chat for Ecommerce The Essential Guide

FreshChat provides ecommerce businesses with innovative sales enablement technology to help them seal the deal and boost customer satisfaction. With features like automated email campaigns, lead qualification tools, and visitor-context insights such as event timelines to better understand shoppers’ needs, this revolutionary cloud-based software takes customer service one step closer to achieving total success.


  • Free version available
  • Growth ($18/agent/month)
  • Pro ($47/agent/month)
  • Enterprise ($83/agent/month)


Make customer service efficient and streamlined with Zendesk. Monitor your team’s activity with role permissions, pre-chat surveys, and real-time collaboration. Enhance the capabilities of this solution even further by customizing API actions to create unique workflows – plus Freddy AI is around for additional automated support.

Simplify your customer journey with Zendesk’s powerful tools! From escalation management and real-time alerts to queue organization, chat routing, and data gathering via offline pre-chat forms, streamline your customers’ experience while reducing your time investment.


  • Suite Team ($49/agent/month)
  • Suite Growth ($79/agent/month)
  • Suite Professional ($99/agent/month)

Tips on how to choose the right Ecommerce Live Chat for your business

Check the list of features

When considering Ecommerce Live Chat for your website, start with a list of must-have functionalities. Ensure that the platform you choose offers automated welcome messages and allows both a live view of visitors and access to historical conversations – these are vital elements in an effective customer service solution. Other features should be considered extras, though they may still provide value depending on individual needs.

Consider the pricing

Before you begin your search for the right Ecommerce Live Chat software, it’s essential to establish a fixed budget. This can help narrow down potential options significantly. Additionally, ensure that the system fits within budget and offers a solid return on investment (ROI).

Consider if free plans or trials are available – giving you an opportunity to test out each product before making any commitments. When comparing different providers and their packages, be mindful of price variances, as some might offer identical features at much higher rates than others.

Check the reviews about customer support

Ecommerce Live Chat can benefit businesses, but getting the most out of it requires some help. Before buying in – from questions such as “how to add contacts” or finding account settings on a dashboard- it’s best to read about others’ experiences with customer service providers and see what current customers say.

To do this, head to your respective provider’s G2 page and look up reviews explicitly related to their customer support – beginning with the newest ones.

See if it offers the necessary integrations

To provide a comprehensive customer service experience, consider if the software integrates with popular social media and messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Plus, easy data tracking capabilities through integrations with Google Analytics or Zapier allow seamless connection to various communication channels.

Ultimately, investing in efficient and tailored Ecommerce Live Chat platform will boost customer satisfaction and foster trust with customers. By understanding the various features available to improve customer experience, ecommerce businesses can ensure their customers have a seamless shopping experience. 

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