Amazon Product Photography 2024 Guide: What does an Amazon photographer do?

Amazon Product Photography 2023 Guide

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Product Photography must be a crucial part of your business plan if you’re an entrepreneur looking to join the online revolution and capitalize on Amazon’s potential.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything from the basics behind Amazon Product Photography to how best to utilize them. Read all you need to know about photographing products for successful Amazon listings.

Why Are Product Images So Important on Amazon?

When shopping online, customers have a different opportunity to experience products physically than they would in a brick-and-mortar store. That is why having optimal product imagery on Amazon can be the deciding factor in making sales conversions.

Quality matters: you need clear images of your merchandise to expect potential buyers to make an informed purchase decision. After all, no one wants their surprise present to look completely different than what was shown. Investing time into ensuring listings feature outstanding visuals will significantly improve e-commerce success.

By using high-quality Amazon Product Photography, you will:

  • Boost traffic to your listings and get more eyes on them – take the time to craft attractive, captivating images that will draw viewers in.
  • Get more from your sales – let customers feel confident in their purchase with multiple photos of the product, highlighting all its unique angles and features.
  • Create quality images for your products to educate buyers and minimize negative reviews. Visuals are a great way to let customers know what they can expect from your product, so invest in quality images that accurately represent it – this will lead you down the path of successful customer experiences.
  • With superior photo quality, your Amazon marketing is sure to get noticed. Invest in the presentation of your product and take the time for a professional result.

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Amazon Product Image Rules and Guidelines

Amazon Product Photography 2023 Guide

Amazon understands that nothing influences a customer’s decision more than images, so they’ve created strict standards to ensure the highest possible quality visuals. This is particularly helpful for sellers looking to maximize their sales, as Amazon also makes money off your success.

To help you get started on optimizing product imagery across global markets, here are all of Amazon’s requirements:

Amazon Technical Requirements

  • Only the following file formats are allowed: TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif), and PNG (.png).
  • Images must adhere to the size and dimensions requirement: at least 1000 pixels in either height or width.
  • Images must use sRGB or CMYK color mode.
  • File names must use the following format: the product identifier (Amazon ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC) followed by a period and the appropriate file extension (Example: B000123456.jpg or 0237425673485. tif).

Amazon Contextual Requirements

Beyond the must-have technical requirements, your main product image has specific standards it needs to meet for prospective customers to notice. Not only will this photo appear first on your listing and during Amazon searches, but careful consideration of each criterion is essential. It can help ensure that potential buyers become actual ones.

  • When selecting visuals of products, professional photography is the way to go. Although drawings and illustrations can be eye-catching, they don’t meet advertising guidelines – so it’s best to stick with authentic images.
  • For optimum clarity, ensure your product imagery focuses solely on the sold item. Including extraneous objects risks need to be clarified and could lead buyers to think they are included in their purchase.
  • Sharp, well-lit images with realistic colors will give buyers an accurate representation of your offer. Add some subtle enhancements if needed for extra impact but remember that it’s important not to overdo any modifications, so they remain faithful portrayals at all times.
  • Books, music, and video images should be sized and positioned to gain full impact, so they occupy the entire frame. To ensure the maximum display potential of each item on the screen, a minimum filing amount of 85% is required.
  • Ensure the whole picture is frame-worthy. The main images should showcase each product entirely – no part too small or overlooked.
  • Give your photos a backdrop of pure white for the perfect picture.
  • Editing should stay true to the photo’s essence without adding extra text or graphics that could alter its composition.
  • Respectful imagery is expected and appreciated. Unfortunately, any obscene or offensive visual content will be declined without objection.

To add extra creativity to your images, we offer increased requirements flexibility.

  • Make the most of your product demonstration. Utilize unique visual aids like models or other objects to give customers a comprehensive understanding of how they can benefit from its use.
  • Cropped images are an ideal way to draw attention to a product’s finer details. Showcase the intricate features of each item with captivating close-up shots – perfect for highlighting your products’ best attributes.
  • Backgrounds other than white are allowed.
  • Your ideas can come to life with visual storytelling. By adding text and graphics, you’ll be able to provide your audience with a complete picture of each feature or benefit they could gain from using it.

Your images need to meet specific requirements – failure to do so will result in rejection, necessitating edits/reshoots and resubmission.

Components of Good Product Images to bring more sales conversion

If you’re an seller, Amazon Product Photography is critical to helping your business reach its fullest potential. Discover components of product images to boost conversions and take you one step closer to success.

Create a “scroll-stopping” main image

Make sure your main image stands out from the competition. On Amazon’s search results page, customers will instantly be drawn to a bright, boldly presented product that looks great and is at an appealing angle. Outshine other products by taking time to improve their techniques – prepare for more clicks and higher conversion rates with a stunningly “scroll-stopping” picture of your item.

Add Infographics

Please use infographics to create eye-catching visuals that showcase your product and emphasize its features. With unique backdrops, text, and graphics providing informative snippets about the item, these images will surely capture attention and help increase sales. Utilize this opportunity for an engaging visual display that can make all the difference in customer acquisition.

Include instructional photos

Ensure your customers are confident in purchasing and using your product by adding instructional photos to help them through the assembly or installation process. Showcase clear visuals so potential buyers can quickly understand how to get their purchase up and to run.

Comparison charts

If you’re looking to stand out amongst the Amazon competition, comparison charts can be a great way to show potential customers why your product is superior. Highlighting features other products don’t have while comparing them with similar offerings allows for an easy-to-read format – leaving off any particular brands or trademarks to avoid unnecessary attention.

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Professional Product Photography for Amazon Listing: The product photo types you should know

Amazon Product Photography is immensely diverse but can be divided into six distinct categories. With a better understanding of each category, you’ll have the edge in achieving success with your professional photos on Amazon.

Individual product shots

Amazon Product Photography 2023 Guide

Amazon Product Photography featuring standalone items has become one of the trendiest styles for eCommerce listings and banners. This technique allows customers to focus on individual products without distraction from unrelated accessories or collections, leading to increased engagement with your brand.

Group product shots

Amazon Product Photography 2023 Guide

Maximize the impact of your products by featuring multiple items in one photo. Showcase product kits and collections for maximum effect, so customers can visualize how they all come together to create a complete package.

Make the most of your product listings with social media postings and ads featuring these stunning shots. Creatively showcase multiple products to provide customers with a complete viewing experience rather than just one item.

Lifestyle product shots

Amazon Product Photography 2023 Guide

The lifestyle images unlock the story behind your product, enabling customers to engage with it meaningfully. Providing an immersive visual experience and showing how the merchandise matches their needs helps people maximize their potential and foster an emotional connection with you.

Product scale shots

Amazon Product Photography 2023 Guide

With product scale shots, customers would be aware of how big a merchandise truly is from simply looking at an image. That’s why providing visual representations by placing products next to everyday items can give buyers more insight into sizing when shopping online.

To best showcase their product, many businesses use scale shots featuring a person’s hand holding the items. This helps customers visualize themselves using or enjoying the products they’re considering purchasing.

Detailed product shots

Amazon Product Photography 2023 Guide

Need to show off the intricate details of a product? Detailed Product shots are here to showcase even the tiniest of elements with ease. Whether it’s jewelry or art, these stunning images will make your products shine brighter than ever.
Getting the most out of a shot takes more than just framing – lighting and camera settings such as macro lenses play an essential role in capturing crystal-clear images.

Product packaging shots

Amazon Product Photography 2023 Guide

When selling on Amazon, investing in product packaging shots can give your customers a glimpse at the intrinsic value of your product. Making sure that it looks top-notch is essential to preserving its appeal.

Craft an experience for buyers by curating captivating visuals and optimizing design elements, ensuring they form lasting impressions about you and what you offer.

How many images is enough for your Amazon product page?

Maximize your Amazon Product Photography output by utilizing all nine available images. Ensure that the main photo is clear and front-facing, and highlight key features to gain maximum visibility in search rankings.

Capture close-up shots of critical components to creating high-quality visuals for customers – maximizing their ability to make an informed purchase decision.

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Optimizing your Amazon Product Page: Other tips

Amazon Product Photography 2023 Guide

Source: Amazon 

To get the most out of your product, a great image is just one piece of the puzzle. To ensure you give yourself every opportunity for success, consider also taking advantage of other techniques, such as optimizing your content and using effective marketing strategies to maximize visibility.

Crafting content is an integral part of getting customers to consider your products. Ensure you adequately inform them what they’re purchasing while highlighting the product’s advantages. To maximize readability, break up texts into smaller paragraphs with multiple subheadings throughout.

Amazon offers customers a chance to obtain further information about your product. By promptly responding to inquiries, you are helping shoppers get clear and comprehensive answers that give them more confidence in their buying decisions. Make sure your responses appear on every listing – this way, everyone can benefit from the knowledge shared.

Increase your visibility to Amazon’s shoppers by strategically incorporating keywords into various parts of the listing. Place essential words in the product title and use additional related terms throughout the description and backend fields – this will help ensure relevant search results match your offering.

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Innovature BPO’s Photo Editing Services: Expert Services for e-commerce business

As an E-commerce business, Product Photography’s quality and accuracy impact shoppers’ perceptions. Innovature BPO’s Photo Editing Services provide convenient, cost-effective solutions to ensure your product photos look sharp and professional.

Our expert Photo Editors offer quality services, from basic touch-ups to sophisticated editing, such as removing blemishes and imperfections, correcting colors, and delicate balance.

With our Photo Editing Services, you can be confident that your customers will be satisfied with their purchases based on the professional product images you present them with. Invest in high-quality Photo Editing Services for your e-commerce business today!

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