E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2024

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2024

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Any online consumer will tell you that it’s important to know everything there is to know about a product before purchasing it. And when you are running an E-Commerce Product Page, you will want everything to be as easy as possible for your customers.

So, you need to make sure that the Product Page is neither too simple nor stuffed with too much information. Since visitors cannot touch, feel, or even wear your products before purchasing, it is your E-commerce Product Images and content that determines whether or not a visitor turns into a buyer.

To help you begin, here is a checklist of industry best practices that can help you master your E Commerce Product Page Designs, and ultimately increase conversions:

10 E-commerce Product Page Best Practices

#1 Use big and clear images

Research has it that content that is supported by relevant photos gets 94% more views than content that is not. This figure holds even greater significance when it comes to Ecommerce Product Pages.

The image on your E-Commerce Pages visually communicates the details of your product to visitors. Therefore, using a high-resolution, zoomable image and positioning it above the fold is one of the fundamental best practices for creating the Best E-commerce Product Pages. Additionally, giving users a comprehensive view of the products by using many photographs taken from various perspectives gave the E-Commerce Page an extra edge.

Images significantly affect an E-Commerce Product Page’s usability and overall user experience (UX), as well as conversion and sales rates. For Ecommerce Product Pages photos, you should be mindful of download time. You need to keep in mind that not everyone has a super-fast. An Internet connection and that high load time can negatively affect the bottom line.

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Prada


#2 Add prominent call to action

The call-to-action (CTA) button would be near the top of any list of the crucial components for the E-Commerce Product Page.

A CTA could be an add-to-cart button or a buy-now button, or anything else. It has to be easily recognizable and should compel the visitor to act.

Different colors denote different things across different cultures. When deciding on the color, keep in mind two things. Firstly, whether that color triggers the emotion in your target audience that you are hoping for. And secondly, how does it contrast with the color scheme of the rest of the E-Commerce Product Page. Ideally, you want the CTA to stand out so that it grabs customer attention.

When deciding on the text, keep in mind that certain words mean different things in different countries. For example, see how Amazon changes the CTA text on its USA and Chinese websites to adhere to the local flavor:

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: amazon
E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: amazon

#3 Ease navigation between E-Commerce Product Pages

To help people know where they are, use breadcrumb navigation. Visitors can travel to different areas of interest and comprehend the hierarchy of the products with the aid of breadcrumb navigation. They have a history of lowering bounce rates.

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Flipkart

#4 Create urgency

Enforcing the scarcity/urgency principle on E-Commerce Product Page is another great practice. Products that are selling out quickly can encourage consumers to convert more quickly. Here are some reasons why scarcity is one of the best conversion tactics: When selling their final few tickets, airlines frequently use the scarcity concept. The lesson? Give your buyers as little time as possible to consider their purchase. Instill a sense of urgency so they will take immediate action.

Your weapon of scarcity or urgency may be the final day of a promotion, the final two hours of free shipping, or the final three things in stock. Make your own weapons.

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Amazon

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#5 Make Use Of Compelling Videos

A demo video is one of your greatest chances for showcasing your product in all its grandeur because clients cannot touch or feel it. When trying to sell something that is rather complicated, instructional movies have even more importance. A well-made video can have a significant memory value.

Customers who saw videos on Stacks and Stacks’ E-Commerce Product Page were 144% more likely to add an item to their shopping basket. So, e-commerce companies that want to thrive in the current market can no longer disregard the importance of product videos.

#6 Compare Prices

If you are providing fantastic discounts, display the figures to them. Even if you are not offering fantastic discounts, let people see how much money they will ultimately save by making a purchase from your E-Commerce Product Page. Always compare the lowered price to the original price. Display both the actual savings on the purchase as well as the savings percentage. Certain messages are used to influence various clients.

Don’t even allow your customers the smallest chance to browse other E-Commerce Product Pages to compare pricing. Place the price information and any other facts that can influence a buyer’s choice next to your CTA.

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Amazon

#7 Write Crisp And Informative Product Descriptions

The finest Ecommerce Product Description makes an impact right away. They thrill consumers, provide value, and cause them to rapidly convert from visitors to clients. To ensure that the E-Commerce Product Page performs well in search engine rankings, keep product descriptions succinct and make sure to include important keywords. In addition to being attractive, a high-converting description provides comprehensive details and responds to the questions below:

  • Who is the product for?
  • What is the product used for?
  • How does the product work?
  • What sets it apart?
  • Why should visitors purchase the product?
  • Why should visitors purchase the product?

In addition to providing answers to these concerns, your Ecommerce Product Description should be written with the following recommendations in mind to maximize conversions:

Speak to the group you want to reach: Should you speak in a serious, official tone or a playful, informal one? Should you focus more on the product’s attractiveness or its technical qualities in your Ecommerce Product Description? It’s essential to comprehend your clients’ primary concerns if you want them to relate to your descriptions and purchase your goods.

Close the gap between features and benefits: A feature of your product or offer is fundamentally a fact. The benefit primarily addresses the value of a feature for your customer. Tell them specifically “how” a feature will benefit them and “why” they should buy it.
Lessening buyer guilt and making the purchasing choice are two benefits of product descriptions that connect features and benefits. As an illustration, pointing out that a certain 100% organic cotton garment is sweat-free and allergy-free explains its high cost.

Focus more on verbs: When attempting to persuade someone of something, verbs are far more persuasive than adjectives. Think about these:

This adorable, tiny sleeping bag is ideal for your one-year-old child.
Or, Your baby has lots of room to move around in this cheerful sleeping bag without having to worry about becoming tangled in layers of bedding. He will never experience a cold awakening after kicking off his bed. Your infant will feel secure even in strange environments.

Which one has a stronger voice? Make your own judgment!

Only use jargon when conversing with knowledgeable buyers: Overuse of lingo that your clients don’t fully comprehend can cause misunderstanding. It is preferable to stay away from it because people won’t buy it if they don’t comprehend it.
However, it’s likely that you want to employ the jargon because you believe it makes you sound knowledgeable. You’re correct, too. Jargon increases your credibility. When you want to appeal to intelligent audiences, this is especially true.

Borrow from your ideal customer’s vocabulary: Joanna Wiebe, the Founder of Copy Hackers, mentions in one of her articles: “Don’t write copy. Swipe copy from your testimonials.”

#8 Upsell and Cross-Sell: Don’t You Forget

Upselling is a strategy to sell an advanced version of a product the customer already bought, with higher pricing.

Cross-selling is a strategy to sell related products to the one a customer is buying

Steve Jobs once said: “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them”. That adage clarifies the underlying advantage of cross- and up-selling when carried out properly. They assist customers in discovering greater value than they initially anticipated, which raises your Average Order Value and Lifetime Value.

Below are the basics to get you started with up-sell:

  • Promote your most sold or best-reviewed products.
  • Make sure the upsells are not 25% more expensive than the product your E-Commerce Product Page is buying.
  • Don’t shove the upsell products right in your shoppers’ faces, tell them why it’s meant for them – this is when a customer persona shows its importance.
  • Make sure the upsell products are in the same category as the original products.

What’s about the cross-sell:

  • Make sure the cross-sells are at least 60% cheaper than the product added to the cart.
  • Cross-sell products should be easily-forgotten products: filters for lenses, lighters for gas stoves, etc.

#9 Social Proof, Trust Badge, and Customer Review

It is fair to argue that today’s consumers struggle with trust. When online scams are so common and on the rise, it’s not their fault. And much like developing a trusting relationship with another person, building trust requires being sincere in your intentions, thus your items must be of a high caliber, to begin with.

The next step is to encourage people to recognize how trustworthy you are using 3 tried-and-true methods:

Highlight reviews from your customers

Customers are likely to gladly post reviews after making a purchase or using your goods. However, the majority of the time, you must proactively contact your clients to request feedback.

  • 72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust businesses more.
  • 68% of consumers trust opinions posted online.
  • 84% of consumers reported always or sometimes taking action based on personal recommendations. 70% said they did the same with online consumer opinions
E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Fitbit

Trust Badge

In a poll by Econsultancy/Toluna, 48% of consumers said that trust seals influence their decision to buy. Trust badges are a simple approach to letting customers know that their transactions are secure because they are visible and clear.

Social Proof

Simply said, social proof is a different kind of customer review that you pull from your social media platforms and display to your visitors in an effort to boost their confidence in your potential customers.

You’ll need some advice from professionals if you want to use social proof effectively. Utilize visual commerce to build strong relationships with your customers by inviting them to post pictures of themselves wearing your products online. This will serve as social evidence and also persuade and motivate other people to make purchases.

#10 Design Mobile-first

Mobile commerce is on the rise and Google is getting more serious about its mobile algorithm, separating it from its desktop version to account for mobile consumer habits and preferences.

Being mobile-friendly entails more than just making sure they successfully load and are bug-free. Owners of E-Commerce Product Page must customize their content, graphics, and essentially everything else to ensure a seamless experience for mobile customers and increase sales.

E-commerce Product Page Good Examples

We talked about the top 10 best practices, now we talked about how these practices are actually put into action by top E-Commerce Product Pages.

#1 Manitobah Mukluks

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Manitobah Mukluks

A pair of Manitobah Mukluks is not cheap, meaning that the decision-making process of a prospective is much longer, and more complicated. What they have done right?

They hooked visitors right when they landed on the E-Commerce Product Page with a buying-anxieties killer: “free shipping” and “free returns” are written in big, bold letters right next to the “Add to Cart” button. People feel like their purchase doesn’t have to be a forever decision, and that the price they see will be pretty close to the final amount.

Although not spectacular, E-commerce Product Photography is adequate and diversified enough to convey the most crucial information to customers.

Use a top-notch video of the boot in use to emphasize its authenticity and excellence.

Add a narrative element to their E-Commerce Product Page. Such as Visitors can instantly become emotionally linked to the brand by learning about the mission, vision, and background of the art sole on the boot.

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Manitobah Mukluks

#2 Workout Fashion brand – Gymshark

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Gymshark

What they have done right?

The E-Commerce photographs here are what really stick out. You get a sense of motion and movement, which helps you visualize how sporty and at ease you’ll feel when wearing this item.

The navigation is executed properly. Customers are also encouraged to click through to examine all possibilities by providing product style and color variations, which results in longer visitor engagement and a higher likelihood that the item will be added to the basket.

#3 ColourPop Cosmetics

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: ColourPop

ColourPop takes cross-selling to another level. Scroll down from Above the fold, shoppers meet with a complete-your-look collection that will complement the product. Having related products on an E-Commerce Product Page isn’t uncommon. What makes this example great is that ColourPop is showing products that feature similar colors or styles and complement the original product –  making them look more likely to be a good fit for the buyer.

#4 Naiisee

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Naiisee

Naiisee is included because, in addition to having excellent imagery, simple navigation, and clear Ecommerce Product Descriptions, they have also completed Creating Urgency. Naiisee capitalized on buyer FOMO by displaying a low stock level and enticing customers to act right away.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is an emotional response to the belief that other people are living better, more satisfying lives or that important opportunities are being missed. FOMO often leads to feelings of unease, dissatisfaction, depression and stress. The rise of social media has increased the prevalence of FOMO throughout recent years. Data suggests it is most widespread throughout the millennial community.

#5 Lush

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Lush

Nothing stimulates the senses like a good GIF. Rich media paired with informative content, a compelling call to action, and social proof are used by Lush to great effect.

#6 Hook & Albert

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Hook & Albert

Hook & Albert does a great job with their overview section as well. Here is what they do well:

  • Beautiful graphics up front, with image #2 emphasizing packing requirements that the buyer must comprehend.
  • Call out for a limited-time offer to boost conversion
  • Review the star-based visibility (more use of iconography). Trust is increased as a result.
  • Need to know specifications details before the fold (also known as without scrolling) Chat option.

#7 Andie Swim

Customers can personalize their swimsuits with logos, initials, and more at Andie Swim.

Check it out below:

E-commerce Product Page Best Practices for 2023
Source: Andie Swim

Utilizing product options, they configured this. They have deployed 7 product alternatives in total, 2 of which are conditional.

E-Commerce Product Page is essential to your marketing strategy since it is the page that leads directly to a sale. It is vital that you give consumers more information about the product they are interested in; otherwise, how are they going to know what size it is or what functions it has?

According to Shiprocket, 98% of shoppers discontinue a purchase if the information about the product is incomplete or incorrect. Not to mention that accurate and detailed E-commerce Product Descriptions minimize the risk of customer complaints and returns.

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